Why the hell did I do this?

A terrible first comic book

It's my 2005 comic-filled book with all my collected bollocks.
Tales of angst and bollocks. The times of the twenty-something year old comic artist Alexander Devenport. 1998 - 2005

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Rough London

A Drunk Sketchbook

Late nights, lost hours and sleep-deprived train trips. These are the sketches of the more inconvenient places in the city and the rantings of a fool under the influence of boredom or alcohol.

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Loathing and I

Confessions of a professional fence-sitter

​ Ever talk to yourself? Of course you do, we all do. We all talk to ourselves in order to make decisions, find positions in morality and create personal belief. Sometimes we don’t want to talk to ourselves; sometimes we are our own worst tenant in the housing estate known as our mind. Thus, it’s also not a good idea to listen to yourself all the time because you never get any new ideas and you tend to go insane. The left-wing, the right-wing, the ice-breaker and the youth. Within these pages, these are no longer one dimensional points of view. No! these are now are one dimensional cartoon characters! All preaching their good word at the protagonist, Ed, who, while doesn’t shout it out, just wants to grow up.

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I can't do that

A children's book

Jill loved to use her imagination and play with her favourite toy, but when it breaks she goes on a quest to find someone to fix it, only to find that person is her! A story to read to your child to give them confidence and independence.

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Unscientific Illustrations

A stupid coffee table book

Scientific illustration is a discipline that proves a desire to learn about the world and record the unknown or recently discovered. I am of the opinion that art and science should always be brought closer together. I applaud those who find efficient ways to construct work that requires the self-education of several disciplines and skills. This book does indeed attempt to combine art and science... but in the worst way ever. I have taken a scientific achievement and turned it into post-modern art. Which was then turned into a pointless coffee table book. There are 100 illustrations in this book which are filled with absolute fluff. These are the rantings of a drunk man talking to his internet friends. You will get nothing out of this except a few giggles and, possibly, satisfaction that you bought a pointless icebreaker for parties.

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